First impressions are overwhelmingly positive. The level of detail, and functionality of this piece of equipment is absurd. You can tell Mr. John spent some real time and effort thinking through and prototyping to get it dialed in. Many years of hunting in a guido's probably helped!

There are some significant differences in setup and execution between this chair and your minimalist saddles. But you can leave the knee pads, fancy platforms, and anything else you might do to try and get comfortable at home. Two ameristeps under each foot and one on backside of the tree and you're in business.

I'll give a more thorough initial evaluation, but I put four miles or so through really rough terrain with the hybrid and gear with a total weight of 28lbs, and it was plenty comfortable. I had a saddle newbie with me, so we set up in the tree together so I could help him out. I've been in possession of the rig for less than 24 hours, and it was my first time in the woods with it. Setup was just like the web, but it would be very easy for a first timer to dial it in. I scooted right up the tree, set platform, and coached him perched up in my producer's chair haha.

Ok guys, quick up and down a tree with the Hybrid. I chose this tree to hopefully show the versatility of the stand. I would never hunt one with this much of a lean in saddle, unless it was necessary. But because of the stable, seated nature of the hybrid, you could hunt any side of this tree if you really wanted to with no issues.

- Kyle Roger

I received mine last Friday and was able to get in a tree with it a few days ago for test run. I talked with John afterwards to review and give him my initial thoughts. I will be doing a full review as well in the coming days, but this thing is just awesome. I really like my Kestrel but the new Hybrid is on a whole other level. It is one of the best thought out and well engineered things I have seen in a long time. Johns attention to detail on this build is second to none. (I also have not been paid and paid full price for my Hybrid)

- SH4896

I received my new Hybrid on Monday. Today was my first hunt and it performed wonderfully. I have a lone wolf step with rock climbing aid connected to it. 4 ameristeps on a ratchet strap for a platform and it only weighs 19.4 pounds with all my essential hunting gear included. Compared to the weight of a back pack full of gear strapped to my climbing stand it feels like nothing. I sat for 3.5 hours and with a few minor adjustments, stayed comfortable throughout the sit.

Unfortunately, all I saw were a couple does, so I did not take a shot. Looking forward to many more hunts. I have been using the original Guidos web for several years, and I believe the Hybrid is a little more maneuverable in the tree. It seems to not be quite as restrictive. I have a trophy line tree saddle also, but never enjoyed the hip pinch and the need for knee pads. The Hybrid or the original Guidos Web are like a Cadillac compared to that style.
Good luck and happy hanging!

- Craig W

In my opinion, this saddle is the easiest to put on a vest or jacket while in the stand and at height. I always take off the shoulder straps once I am all settled in, if you prefer to leave them on for the duration of your hunt then you will need to take them off while putting on a jacket. Then, to put on a jacket I simply loosen the backrest up so it leans back while I stay sitting upright. Then I undo the hip belt. Put on the jacket and tuck it down in the back and sides and then the front and zip it. Hook the waste belt back up and cinch the backrest back up to your preferred angle. Easy Peasy.

I received mine today, did a little test sitting in it at ground level today. I'll try to do my own full review of it in the next week or so when I get some free time and get a little more sit time in it, but wanted to give my first impressions.

Looks to be very well made, great attention to detail. The shoulder straps are very comfortable. I can definitely see how you could use it as a sudo pack frame... I put 24 pounds of gear between the back rest and the seat and it actually carried very comfortably, I only walked around with it for about 5 minutes however.

Strapped to a tree.. this thing is comfy! I have used the original Web fairly extensively over the years, in my opinion this stand is just as comfortable. It is easy to adjust your height and seat angle to get the perfect level of comfort as well as adjust the back rest to your liking (you can change this very easily throughout your hunt as well), sit straight up or get a little ghetto lean going on if you want. The adjustable whale tail is a nice touch that lets you get perfect comfort based on your liking or the tree your using... notice how I keep using the word "comfort"? The mesh seating and resulting air flow make this much cooler than the original as well.

I have a feeling this bad boy is going to fit into my arsenal very well.

- Kevin Waite

JX3 Hybrid Hunting Saddle | Saddle Hunting Gear

JX3 Hybrid Features

  • One of a kind patented design.
  • 300 lb load rating/weight rating.
  • All safety components tested and meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Sewn loop lineman, tether, and prusik ropes.
  • Contoured EVA foam shoulder straps.
  • Cobra style metal buckles.
  • Molle gear loops on the waist belt, main harness, and shoulder straps.
  • Built-in ground chair feature.
  • Built-in pack frame harness with adjustable clamps.
  • The back adjustment belt adjusts the angle of back support.
  • Adjustable standoff tree fork with 1 – 7 inches of adjustments.
  • Built-in bow holder.
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