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Deer Hunting 101

General Whitetail Hunting Q&A | JX3 Outdoors Saddle Hunting Products

General Whitetail Deer Q&A

There are many different aspects to deer hunting, and all deserve special attention. Check out our general deer hunting Q&A here, where you will find questions on deer camp, hunting ethics, Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young, hunting laws and more. . .

rut hunting whitetails with JX3 Outdoors | JX3 Outdoors Saddle Hunting Products

Rut Hunting Q&A

Learn how to best hunt the rut and bag the biggest buck of your life. Get our take on how to hunt the rut and how to find and bag a big buck.

Food Plot and deer management | JX3 Outdoors Saddle Hunting Products

Food Plot/Land Management

Own your own property, or have a long-term lease and don’t know where to start? Get our take on quality deer management, food plots, farm equipment and more.

Tree Stand Locations, Tips and Hanging Tactics | JX3 Outdoors Saddle Hunting Products

Stand Location & Hanging

How high do you hunt? Is it high enough? How should I hunt a trail? These are all common questions bow hunters ask when first getting into bow hunting whitetails. Check out our Q&A and see how we hang our sets, choose stand locations and hunt game trails.

Public Land Whitetail Hunting | JX3 Outdoors Saddle Hunting Products

Public Land Whitetails

It’s everyone’s right to hunt and forage these lands. Take care of it, and hunt it hard as the hunting pressure can be intense. Stay light, stay mobile.