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The JX3 Hybrid. . All Your Saddle Hunting Gear Bundled Into One.

A high percentage of tree stand accidents happen when stepping into a stand or stepping off the stand because you’re not belted to the tree at that moment.

What’s different, is that in the JX3 Hybrid hunting saddle you’re in the tree saddle, and belted to the tree at all times while climbing, descending, and hunting you are free to move around the tree in safety, not worried about falling at any time. If you slip on the climb or descent, the Hybrid tree saddle has a simple but safe harness design that forces you into a sitting position.

By forcing you into a sitting position you will not strike the tree and the fork on the seat makes contact with the tree, not you. Safety is our #1 priority, along with comfort, mobility, and lightweight.

Crossbow Magazine Write up

Crossbow Magazine Hybrid Hunting Saddle Review

Read the full article on the JX3 Hybrid hunting saddle on the digital copy of Crossbow Magazines. Get professional hunter Gene Schang’s take on the JX3 Hybrid and learn the ins and outs and benefits of our hybrid hunting saddle.

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