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How comfortable is saddle hunting?

As comfortable as you want...

How comfortable your saddle hunting setup is will be dependent on the gear that you choose to hunt with. There are a variety of tree saddles, saddle hunting platforms and climbing sticks that make your experience as comfortable as possible.
Making yourself comfortable for all day sits.
A saddle built for all day sits.
How comfortable is saddle hunting out of the JX3 Hybrid hunting saddle?

Making yourself comfortable for all day sits.

Persistence, one of the biggest factors in punching your tag this season. Do you need to sit all day, no. But, the more time you spend in the woods the more opportunity you are going to have at filling your tag. Being comfortable will keep you in the stand much longer, yielding you more opportunities at game.

Saddle hunting comfort at it's finest.

The JX3 Hybrid is one of the most comfortable hunting saddles you will ever use. Built with the idea of all-day hunts during the rut, the JX3 Hybrid boasts contoured EVA foam shoulder straps, built in seat, and a back adjustment belt so you can get the angle of the back support you need.

JX3 Hybrid Features

  • One of a kind patented design.
  • 300 lb load rating/weight rating.
  • All safety components tested and meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Sewn loop lineman, tether, and prusik ropes.
  • Contoured EVA foam shoulder straps.
  • Cobra style metal buckles.
  • Molle gear loops on the waist belt, main harness, and shoulder straps.
  • Built-in ground chair feature.
  • Built-in pack frame harness with adjustable clamps.
  • The back adjustment belt adjusts the angle of back support.
  • Adjustable standoff tree fork with 1 - 7 inches of adjustments.
  • Built-in bow holder.