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Climbing Stick Attachment Methods For The JX3 Hybrid

May 11th 2021

Climbing Stick Attachment Methods For The JX3 Hybrid

We often get asked questions about the best methods for attaching climbing sticks to the JX3 Hybrid for the ultimate mobile hunting setup. With a variety of sticks on the market, and the JX3 Hybrids versatility you can attach virtually any stick to the Hybrid with ease. 

Take a look at how some JX3 Hybrid Owners are attaching their favorite climbing sticks before they head out into the woods. 

Beast Sticks attached to JX3 Hybrid

Hawk Sticks attached to JX3 Hybrid

Lone Wolf Sticks and platform attached to JX3 Hybrid

Muddy Pro Climbing Sticks attached to JX3 Hybrid

Hawk One Stick Climbing Method attached to JX3 Hybrid

JX3 Hybrid Hunting Saddle

A high percentage of tree stand accidents happen when stepping into a stand or stepping off the stand because you’re not belted to the tree at that moment. What’s different, is that in the JX3 Hybrid you’re in the tree saddle and you are belted to the tree at all times while climbing, descending and hunting you are free to move around the tree in safety, not worried about falling at any time.

If you slip on the climb or descent, the Hybrid tree hunting saddle has a simple but safe harness design that forces you into a sitting position. By forcing you into a sitting position you will not strike the tree and the fork on the seat makes contact with the tree, not you. Safety is our #1 priority, along with comfort, mobility, and durable lightweight materials. If your looking for the most versatile deer hunting saddle, the JX3 Hybrid is for you.

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